A Real-World Web Image Database from National University of Singapore

Here we introduce a web image dataset created by Lab for Media Search in National University of Singapore. The dataset includes: (1) 269,648 images and the associated tags from Flickr, with a total number of 5,018 unique tags; (2) six types of low-level features extracted from these images, including 64-D color histogram, 144-D color correlogram, 73-D edge direction histogram, 128-D wavelet texture, 225-D block-wise color moments and 500-D bag of words based on SIFT descriptions; and (3) ground-truth for 81 concepts that can be used for evaluation. Based on this dataset, we identify several research issues on web image annotation and retrieval. We also provide the baseline results for web image annotation by learning from the tags using the traditional k-NN algorithm. The benchmark results show that it is possible to learn models from these data to help general image retrieval.

NUS-WIDE Citation:

Tat-Seng Chua, Jinhui Tang, Richang Hong, Haojie Li, Zhiping Luo, and Yan-Tao Zheng. "NUS-WIDE: A Real-World Web Image Database from National University of Singapore", ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval. Greece. Jul. 8-10, 2009.  [pdf]  [Bibitex entry]

For any questions regarding NUS-WIDE dataset, please contact Mr. Shang Xindi (shangxin AT

To facilitate your research, we have uploaded the URLs of all the images except those that have been removed or are inaccessible now. [ URL ]

The exif and geo-info for the images from a fraction of the dataset are available now. [ URL ]


 For more detailed descriptions of the dataset, see specification.


      1.   Low-Level Features

       [Link1]       [Link2]       (1.1 GB file)

2.   Tags

       [Link1]       [Link2]       (25 MB file)

3.   Groundtruth

       [Link1]       [Link2]       (1.1 MB file)

4.   Image List

       [Link1]       [Link2]       (4.6 MB file)

5.   Concept List

       [Link1]       [Link2]       (448 KB file)

We provide a light version of NUS-WIDE dataset, named NUS-WIDE-LITE along with one object image dataset, named NUS-WIDE-OBJECT and one scene image dataset, named NUS-WIDE-SCENE. The image dataset can be obtained via sending a request email to us. Specifically, the researchers interested in the dataset should download and fill up the Agreement and Disclaimer Form and send it back to us. We will then email you the instructions to download the dataset at our discretion.


      1.   NUS-WIDE-LITE     (specification)

       [Link1]       [Link2]        (110 MB file)

2. NUS-WIDE-OBJECT (specification)

       [Link1]       [Link2]        (62 MB file)

3.   NUS-WIDE-SCENE (specification)

       [Link1]       [Link2]        (70 MB file) 

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