2 Sep 2017

The second NExT++ workshop 2017, organized by NUS-THU-SOTON Centre for Extreme Search (NExT++), in collaboration with Tsinghua University and University of Southampton, was held at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China, from 26 – 27 September 2017. 

With “AI Solutions to Information Rich Open Problems” as the theme, principal investigators from three universities came together to explore various questions ranging from search performance, users’ profiling, knowledge graph, visual object extraction to the latest issues on healthcare system, MOOCs and mental health detection. The workshop also invited Dr Yu Kai, AISpeech, Dr Chen Haiqing, Alibaba group and Dr Zhao Wenlai, National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, China to present their research breakthrough.

The workshop was attended by 60 participants from universities and industry collaborators in China. NExT++ is the first joint research centre established by NUS, Tsinghua University of China and University of Southampton, conducting research in areas of large-scale live social media content analysis and search and generation of multimedia multilingual analytics.

The 2nd NExT++ Workshop @ China 2017
26-27 September 2017
National Supercomputer Center in Wuxi
1 Yinbai Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Theme: “AI Solutions to Information Rich Open Problems”

Program Rundown:

[0845-0930] Opening Address [Artwork]
by Prof Chua Tat Seng [Slides], Prof Sun Maosong and Prof Wendy Hall [Slides]

[0930-1100] Key Research Focus on Wellness Project
by Prof Zhang Bo [Slides] [Artwork], Prof Ngo Chong Wah [Slides[Artwork], Prof Jia Jia [Slides[Artwork], Dr Ming Zhaoyan [Slides[Artwork]

[1130-1200] Research Talks (Part 1) [Artwork]
Research Talk 1: Dr Aastha Madaan [Slides]
Research Talk 2: Prof Tang Jie  [Slides

[1200-1300] Research Posters Presentation (3 mins for each student) by PhD Students:
1. Peter West  [Slides] [Poster]
2. Chira Tochia [Slides] [Poster]
3. Qian Qiao  [Slides] [Poster]
4. Ma Yunshan [Slides] [Poster]
5. Zhao Na [Slides] [Poster]
6. Wang Xiang [Slides] [Poster]
7. Shang Xindi [Slides] [Poster]
8. Feng Wenzheng[Slides] [Poster
9. Zhang Meng [Slides] [Poster]
10. Pan Liangming [Slides] [Poster]
11. Yang Yuji [Slides] [Poster]
12. Gao Chen [Slides] [Poster]
13. Rahul Soni [Slides] [Poster]
14. Gelli Francesco [Slides] [Poster]
15. Feng Fuli [Slides] [Poster]
16. Liao Lizi [Slides] [Poster]
17. Kyaw Zaw Lin [Slides] [Poster]
18. Lin Yankai [Slides] [Poster]
19. Zhou Linjun [Slides] [Poster]
20. Mao Jiaxin [Slides] [Poster]

[1400-1630] Invited Industrial Talks
Industrial Talk 1: Prof Chen Haiqing (Alixiaomi) [Slides] [Artwork]
Industrial Talk 2: Prof Yu Kai (AI Speech) [Slides] [Artwork]
Industrial Talk 3: Prof Zhao Wenlai (National Supercomputer Centre in Wuxi) [Slides] [Artwork]

[1700-1815] Research Talks (Part 2)
Research Talk 3: Prof Liu Yiqun [Slides] [Artwork] & Prof Zhang Min [Slides] [Artwork]
Research Talk 4: Prof Liu Zhiyuan [Slides] [Artwork] & Mr Shang Xindi [Slides] [Artwork]
Research Talk 5: Prof Li Yong [Slides] [Artwork] & Dr He Xiangnan [Slides]

Link to download all relevant slides, posters, photos and artwork
Link (链接):  Password (密码): 4vc5 


NExT++ Workshop 2017 (5)

NExT++ Workshop 2017 (1)

NExT++ Workshop 2017 (2)

NExT++ Workshop 2017 (3)

NExT++ Workshop 2017 (4)

NExT++ Workshop 2017 (6)

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4 Aug 2017

Congratulations to the following NExT++ researchers on their awards!

Research Achievement Award

Feng Fuli

Wang Xiang


Dean’s Graduate Research Excellence Award

Aleksandr Farseev


The recipients for the Dean’s Graduate Research Excellence award will each receive a certificate and $1,000 cash prize for their meritorious performance, while the Research Achievement Award recipients will be presented with a certificate and $250 cash prize

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27 Jul 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Hanwang Zhang, Dr. Fumin Shen, Prof Wei Liu, Dr. Xiangnan He, Dr. Huanbo Luan and Prof Chua Tat-seng for winning the Best Paper Award Honourable Mention for "Discrete Collaborative Filtering" at Special Interest Group On Information Retrieval (SIGIR) 2016 at Pisa, Italy. 

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4 Dec 2015

The LMS group congratulated Prof Chua Tat Seng for winning the ACM SIGMM 2015 award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications. The award was given in recognition of his pioneering contributions to multimedia, text and social media processing.

The award was presented in the annual SIGMM event, ACM Multimedia Conference which will be held in Brisbane, Australia on 26-30 October 2015. ACM is the professional society of computer scientists and SIGMM is the special interest group in multimedia.

For more info, please refer to SIGMM website

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10 Jan 2013

Nie Liqiang and Zhang Hanwang got Dean's Graduate Research Excellence and Research Achievement Awards respectively. Congratulations to the winners! The recipients for the Dean's Graduate Research Excellence award will each receive a certificate and $1,000 cash prize for their meritorious performance, while the Research Achievement Award recipients will be presented with a certificate and $250 cash prize. The awards will be presented during the upcoming graduate students' Orientation Day on 10 January 2013. 

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5 Jan 2011

The paper entitled “Generating Representative Views of Landmarks via Scenic Theme Detection” written by Professor Chua Tat-Seng, his PhD student Zhao Yi-Liang, NUS School of Computing PhD candidate Zheng Yan-Tao, and Associate Professor Zhou Xiangdong from Fudan University, China, won the Best Paper Award at the 17th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling (MMM). The conference was held in Taipei, Taiwan from 5 to 7 January 2011.

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1 Nov 2010

The paper is entitled "Dynamic Captioning: Video Accessibility Enhancement for Hearing Impairment".

1 Jun 2010

His thesis is entitled “Beyond Visual Words: Exploring Higher-Level Image Representation for Object Categorization”.

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14 Oct 2009

Star Challenge is a multimedia search competition organised by Agency of Science and Technology Research (A*STAR), Singapore. It attracted 56 teams from 17 countries, like Peking U., NII, etc. Our team has clinched the championship.

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10 Jul 2009

We won the "Most Welcome System Award" in VideOlympic, CIVR'09.

1 Jun 2009

The Dean's Graduate Award is a prestigious award to be given to senior PhD students who have made sustained research achievement during their PhD study.

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19 Nov 2008

Zheng Yantao (NUS) received the 2008 Fellowship Award from Hon Hsiao-Wuen (MD, MSRA) during the Singapore 21st Century Computing Conference. Dr Su Guaning (NTU) and Prof Tan Eng Chye (NUS) witnessed the ceremony.

This years 4 winners from Singapore and Australia top universities received the Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship award after undergone a highly competitive and stringent process. These students received an open internship invitation to Microsoft Research Asia, a cash award and a commemorative plaque.

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9 Oct 2008

The IBM Watson Emerging Leaders in Multimedia workshop series is an annual event organized to recognize outstanding student researchers in the multimedia area. In the year of 2008, the honor has been awarded to 12 international Ph.D students.

1 Dec 2007

Yelizaveta Marchenko Leslie, Tat-Seng Chua, Jain Ramesh. Auto-Annotation of Paintings using Social Annotations, Domain Ontology and Transductive Inference. Proceedings of Pacific Conference on MM (PCM' 2007). Hong Kong, China. Dec 2007. 

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12 Jan 2007

Yelizaveta Marchenko, Tat-Seng Chua and Ramesh Jain. Ontology-based Annotation of Paintings using Transductive Inference Framework. Proceedings of Multimedia Modeling (MMM' 2007), (Singapore, 9-12 Jan 2007), Springer-Verlag, LNCS 4351. 13-23.

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