Invited Talks

17 Jul 2015

Prof Chua Tat Seng: “The Challenges in Social Media Analytics?”. The 12th International Joint Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (JCSSE 2015), Hat Yai, July 2015.

17 Jul 2015

Prof Chua Tat Seng: “Multimedia Retrieval: Are We Doing it Right?”. The ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR2015), Shanghai, June 2015. Click here for the slides.

4 Dec 2012

Keynote Speaker: “Managing large-scale social images as part of a live Social Media Observatory”. The 13th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM2012), Singapore, Dec 2012.

23 Nov 2012

Keynote Speaker: “NExT Search Center: A NUS-Tsinghua Joint Center on Extreme Search”. The 8th Joint Conference on Harmonious Human Machine Environment, Guangzhou, China, Nov 2012.

10 Oct 2012

Keynote Speaker: “My Journey in Academic Research”. The 3rd China Postdoctoral Workshop in Computer Science, Hangzhou, China, Oct 2012.

24 May 2012

Keynote Speaker: “Live Social Monitors: Learning the Social Pulses of a City from User-Generated Contents”. The 13th Int’l Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services (WIAMIS), Dublin, Ireland, May 2012.

1 Dec 2011

Keynote Speaker: “Learning the Social Pulses of a City from User-Generated Contents”, Workshop on Social Behavioural Networked Media Access (SBNMA’11), in ACM Multimedia ‘2011, Arizona, USA, 28 Nov – 1 Dec 2011.

24 Jul 2011

Keynote Speaker: “Extracting Structured Knowledge from User-Generated Information Resources”, Workshop on SWSM (Social Web Search and Mining, Analysis under Crisis), in ACM SIGIR ‘2011, Beijing, China, 24-28 July 2011.

5 Jan 2011

Keynote Speaker: “Multimedia Question-Answering (MMQA)”, MMM’11 (17th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling 2011), Taipei, Taiwan, 5-7 Jan 2011.

23 Aug 2010

Keynote Speaker: “Extracting Knowledge form Community QA (cQA) Sites”, COLING Workshop (People’s Web Meets NLP), COLING’10 (23rd International Conference on Computational Linguistics 2010), Beijing, China, 23-28 August 2010. 

5 Jul 2010

Keynote Speaker: “Towards Web-Scale Media Content Analysis and Retrieval”, CIVR’10 (International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval 2010), Xi’an, China, 5-7 July 2010.

16 Mar 2010

Keynote Speaker: “Question-Answering from Web Resources”, CAMP’10 (International Conference on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management 2010), Shah Alam, Malaysia, 16-18 March 2010.

1 Dec 2009

Keynote Speaker: “Web-Scale Media Search: From Research Prototype to Commercial Applications”, DICTA’09 (Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications), Melbourne, 1-3 December 2009.

18 Jan 2009

Keynote Speaker: “Visual Dictionary: Toward a Higher-level Visual Representation for Object Categorization”, SIGFRA’09 (The Singaporean-French IPAL Symposium), Singapore, 18-20 February 2009.

9 Jan 2008

Keynote Speaker: “A Unified MMM Model for Media Content Analysis and Retrieval”, MMM 2008 (Multimedia Modeling). Kyoto, Japan, Jan 2008.